Re: Keyhole cockpit

Posted by Howard on Jul 20, 2005

given your size...the standard cockpit will probably be fine...but i think Dave and ClC hit on the key points you need to consider....

- with the small cockpit...probably will not be a boat you can let anybody borrow who is either large or not very experienced or not strong in the upper body.

- with the small will not be able to get your knees out first when exiting, or your butt in first when entering. if you have weak arms/upper body....this can be a real challenge.

while i have the key hole cockpit...i am 185 lbs and the keyhole does not let me get my knees out first....i launch from a dock...and i have to pull myself is awkward. but i have the upper body/arm strength to do it. if you don't have the arm need to ensure that you will routinely have a "cooperative" place to launch/exit from...which in my view would be a gently sloped mud/sandy shore where you can place the paddle behind the an outrigger..then pop yourself up on the back of the deck...and then exit.

frankly...getting in and out of the hawk was the biggest issue i had transitioning to the boat.

i am not sure i agree with clc that the smaller opening can be "better padded". the shapes are identical except for the additional four inch cut-out in the front. there is no other difference in size and the area that you cut out in the keyhole cockpit would not be padded. so i think its really about egress and ingress.

in terms of would not want to change that. keep the back of the coaming in the recommended location with respect to the rear bulkhead. this sets up the center of gravity for the boat and you really do not want to be moving it. the four inches of reduced deck in fron is really quite small given how the coaming narrows...the main objective was to make it easier to get in/out by providing space for a knee to pop in/out.

good luck making your decision.



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