Re: Keyhole cockpit

Posted by Crystal on Jul 20, 2005

As always thank you for the great answer to my question. I've made my decision but I will keep everyone in suspense until I post further

As far as the time I'm putting in on this project...its exhausting, but I need to get it done before Aug. 9th if at all possible ( it may or may not happen). I'm a full time(+)nurse...and there have been several nights with only 2 hours sleep, lots of 4 hour nights too. So far I have only had about 20 minutes worth of help from a relative in the 111.5 hours I have in the boat. I also lost 1/2 day when my house caught on fire and burned the utility room ( the hot water tank shorted out and I had a house full of firefighters putting it out)

I tried to talk John Harris into the 5 hour drive to help me but I dont think that was the kind of help he was So on I must press...keep our fingers crossed and I may make the'll be very close, maybe impossible.

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