Ch 17 LT Bulkheads

Posted by Bill Brennan on Aug 17, 2005

I am building a CH 17 LT from a kit. The plans seem to indicate the forward bulkhead goes in at 61 3/8" from the bow, the max. beam position is at 111" and the aft bulkhead at 121 1/4". I was able to fit the forward bulkhead at the right place with just a bit of triming. The max beam with at the 111" point is correct at 23 1/2", but the aft bulkhead fits nicely at about the 124 1/2" point. This is a 3 1/4' furhter back than the plans indicate. Is this a problem, or have I misinterpreted the plans? Ohterwise the hull looks fair to me.

Bill B.