Re: Ch 17 LT Bulkheads

Posted by LeeG on Aug 17, 2005

So there's some kind of gap when the aft bulkhead is located at the assigned location and it fits perfectly 3 1/4" back? My $.02 is that it's not critical EXCEPT that the aft edge of the coaming and the cockpit cutout on the aft deck sits over the assigned location. This is to ensure that the cockpit seating remains the same. You can split differences moving it forward a bit, pulling the sides in a bit, filling the gap a bit. All this is assuming you are measuring the max beam to the exterior of the hull and not inside dimension at the sheerclamp. I've seen some coamings cantilevered that far forward over the aft bulkhead and they were used without any structural issues but this is not experience talking,,just observation of a couple kayaks. My preference would be to bring the aft bulkhead up closer the the coaming, maybe an inch back. Personally I think somethings not quite ideal if you're filling more than 1/4" gaps between bulkhead and panels but it won't have any cosmetic or functional affect. The fillets don't have to be big.

In Response to: Ch 17 LT Bulkheads by Bill Brennan on Aug 17, 2005