Re: Ch 17 LT Bulkheads

Posted by LeeG on Aug 18, 2005

these beam numbers at the sheer really don't have much functional affect. If it looks right it probably is. I built a Ch18 with a 25" beam because I didn't feel like cutting it down. The deck beam and aft bulkhead could move around a few inches as long as the coaming is in the same position. You could cut off 3" off the bow and it wouldn't matter. It's hard to tell which numbers matter and which ones can have a range,,kind of like finished weight,the kayak will work whether it's 40#'s or 50#'s. You could start with five kits and five different people building seperately and you'll see a variation at the bulkheads. If you have five people building under the guidance of one person the variation is reduced considerably or to one direction. I don't think it's worth filling big gaps with lots of goop because the kits can be assembled without gaps.

In Response to: Re: Ch 17 LT Bulkheads by Bill Brennan on Aug 18, 2005