Re: Ch 17 LT Bulkheads

Posted by CLC on Aug 19, 2005

I skimmed back through this thread and these are my reflections:

It's okay for the max beam to come and go a little. On the 17LT, for example, a change of 1/2" of beam at the deck will make no change in the underwater shape at all. You get some variation in bulkhead fit in all stitch-and-glue boats, thanks to a great many factors that are impossible to isolate. If you let the max beam come in (or go out) a fraction, sometimes that's all it takes.

17LT's are fresh in my mind because I just did seven of them in a class back in July. I watched the bulkhead fit closely, and they all fit well on the marks. BUT, we did have to adjust the max beam a tiny bit to get good fits.

I'm not opposed to moving the bulkheads around some but beware of what it does to cockpit location---and the longitudinal CG---and the fit of the decks.

On the 17LT, for example, there isn't much slop in the aft deck. If you install the aft bulkhead further forward than indicated, you might not have enough deck in back. (Voice of experience here.)

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