Re: Build time for Shearw

Posted by terry on Oct 18, 2005


It takes me 50 - 60 hours to build the hull of a Chesapeake from scratch. Kit building would knock some time off this estimate, but you still have to order it, get it delivered, unpacked and some of the parts may need some adjustment. I've built several boats from 14 to 17 feet and the length doesn't change the build time all that much. Sanding, painting/varnishing can be from 10 to 30 hours or more depending on how sanding was minimized during construction, color, number of coats and experience and fussiness of the painter.

I just built a 14 of my own design from scratch in two weeks of nights and weekends, not all that hard to do, as many of the steps require only a few hours work then have to be left overnight to cure.

The most important thing is having a warm place to work. Also, the completed hull should be left in a warm place (bright sunshine is better) to cure for a week before using, sanding or painting.

So, you could have a unpainted but useable hull by 11/10 that you could paddle for a while and then paint over the winter.


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