Re: Hatch lip width

Posted by Howard on Oct 26, 2005

agree with george on the gasket answer.

on the eye is very important to keep this dust our of your eyes and off you in general.

there are two ways to do this.

first the goggles. most goggles are oriented to keeping debris out of your eyes but not small dust particles that float around in the airstream. look for a respirator and/or face mask that specifically protects your face from dust that is floating in the air.

the second approach is to keep the dust out of the general airstream. for my sanding, to the extent possible, i run a dust collecting shop vac that i attach to my sander. my hand sanding where i can't do this is very limited. the use of a vacume has the added benefit of keeping my work place relatively clean as well. (you would be amazed at how much fine dust a vacume collects in the process of completing a boat).

if you can't use a shop vac, then you should only sand outside and when there is wind to move your dust away from you.

as george suggested, it could be the start of an epoxy you should take care on the dust. my personal behaviour is to be relatively rigorous to minimize my exposure to sanding dust through the use a vacume, appropriate respirator, gloves, and clothes and hat that protect my skin . Epoxy sensitivty tends to grow (you get more sensitive) over time. so it is best to stay on top of it before a problem develops. you also need to consider other people in your household and protecting them from the dust of your project.

not trying to scare you. these are small changes that are inexpensive and easy to implement. you aren't going to need to become the bubble boy.

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