Re: kevlar LT17

Posted by terry on Oct 27, 2005

Hi Pat,

Dear wife and I have three boats we paddle exclusively in the sharp granite coves of Maine and Canada. After four summers of this abuse, we've found that the main wear areas are pretty much the same as you would get paddling most anywhere else: the last 12 to 18 inches of the keel ends, fore and aft. We've opted for the brass rubstrips for ease of installation (even after painting), toughness, permanance and looks.

I can e-mail you detailed directions for installatinon if you like.

We do get the occasional ding in other areas of the boat, but most of the hard impacts are at the keel ends. I've only had to repair a deep gouge to the 6 oz. e-glass on the rest of the boats on one occassion.

Now if you plan to paddle in more exotic places like Iraq, the kevlar may be more useful for impact resistance, both in the boat and your PFD.


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