Re: Wet-out before fillet

Posted by Howard on Oct 29, 2005

i typically do not wet out before the entire fillet but will wet out particular areas with sharp corners or flats that i want to ensure do not get left dry.

the areas i prewet include 1) the bulkhead fillets (to ensure that there is epoxy between the bulkhead edge and the hull/side panels) 2) the bow and stern edges (to ensure that epoxy is in the narrow edges where the panels come together); and 3) on the flat area where the hull and side panels come together where there will be no fillet 6 to 8 inches from the ends (the area you asked about in your prior post)

the key to the fillet is to make sure that you have the appropriate consistency for the fillet material....somewhere between toothpaste and mayonaise in my experience. in other words, it should shape well but still have enough "moisture" so that the fillet material sticks to the wood. if it is too dry, e.g., you could hold it a shaped piece of fillet material as a ball in your hand, then you will not get a good bond.

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