Re: Fast hardener

Posted by terry on Oct 31, 2005

Fast hardeners can be tricky, in that they not only can set up too quickly and get really hot in the pot, but they can also produce amine blush more readily - a problem if you don't scrub it off prior to adding more epoxy coats or paint.

I'm cheap, and the only thing I'm more than cheap is lazy. I don't like to waste epoxy and I don't like to sand runs - or carry overweight boats for that matter.

Anyhow, I try to use slow-cure epoxy in cooler wheater if at all possible. To control the runs and sags, I use a squeegee or, if it's a spot not amenable to squeegeeing, a roller, to apply epoxy coats THIN, as in real thin, as in you really scrape that old squeegee along the glass to squeeze out every drop of extra epoxy. Also, after the epoxy sets up a bit, I go over it again with the squeegee to get the few runs that have formed.

I do like fast hardener for gluing in cool weather.


In Response to: Fast hardener by John Foster on Oct 31, 2005