Re: Restoration

Posted by terry on Nov 1, 2005

There are several paint strippers that will work on paint/varnish over epoxy. Read the labels and/or check the manufacturer's website for compatibility with the epoxy.

Stipping epoxy chemically is something I wouldn't even attempt. But why strip the epoxy down to the bare wood anyway? It's not necessary if you want to add glass, more epoxy or a finish.

I've redone a few older boats, and even added deck glass on one. All I did was put some 120 or 150 grit on the ROS and sand away until the finish was gone, trying to avoid sanding into the bare wood. Then I'd add the glass or sand again with 220 grit, then 320 if I wanted to paint/varnish.

If you do attempt to sand to bare wood, exercise caution, as the wood plies are very thin and easy to sand through, which would leave a dark spot that is very tricky to repair.

All told, I think it's best to preserve as much of the old epoxy as possible if it's still clear. It will add depth to a varnished finish and save work, time and $ if you paint it.

Enjoy your new/old boat. I suspect the builder would be pleased to know someone is still enjoying his/her handiwork.


In Response to: Restoration by Mike on Nov 1, 2005