Re: Restoration

Posted by Howard on Nov 2, 2005

i have done a restore where i stripped the boat of paint and varnish, prepped the surfaces, glassed the deck and coaming with 4 oz cloth and repainted/revarnishied the entire boat.

like terry, i went down to the old epoxy which was still in good shape and did not try to get to the bare wood. i contemplated trying to get to the wood but found it simply too difficult and i was concerned about cutting into the veneer.

i had no problem reglassing the deck on the old (but prepped) epoxy. the nail heads were not a problem but that was because i used the paint scheme that comes back ~ 1 inch along the edge of the deck.

i am not sure the issue that you are concerned about on the nail heads....but do not think you should have any problems. i found my hull looked better than original finish after i was done becuase the new layer of glass got rid of the nail indentations.

if you have any discoloration in the deck due to water intrusion....i do not think you can sand it out. if it is only sun bleaching, perhaps sanding would work. i think the tough thing on a restore is not to make it i urge a lot of caution in prepping the deck....the veneer is very thin.

one other thing that came up in my very careful to clean up the boat and your work area before pulling any of your glass out of the bag. when i sanded the paint, i created a lot of colored dust. when i glassed the deck i found that i had some of that colored dust finding its way back into the deck when i re-epoxied it...which was a bit frustrating.

i also took the opportunity to glass the coaming when i did the deck. and also, since it was an older boat, i added the hatch lip and reinforcements that are found on new boats which gives a more water-tight and strong finish to the hatches.

good luck, let us know how sanding back to the wood went on the deck if you take that route.


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