Re: Dark stripes in varni

Posted by George K on Nov 2, 2005


There's not too much you can do to get rid of the creeping crud but you can probably prevent it's further migration. I would take off the hatch, inspect the deck for any cracks or stress in the glass and insure the bottom of the deck is coated with epoxy sufficiently. Then I'd drill, fill and redrill all the holes. Before you put the flange back on try putting it in the oven on low heat to soften it up a bit. I've also heard the microwave works for this. Quickly put it back on the deck and clamp or bolt it until it cools. Then remove it, apply silicone and re-install. The PVC hatch will still fit and be watertight and you will have relieved the stress from the deck. Another option is a viking funeral. No need for that, however!

In Response to: Dark stripes in varnish by Larry Roberts on Nov 1, 2005