Re: 105/207 hardenener

Posted by Brad Shook on Nov 2, 2005


I think that you will probably have enough resin (if you are starting out with a full gallon of 105). You may end up using 2 quarts of 207 hardener though. I bought a new gallon of 105 and a quart of 206 (the "B" pack) for bonding and I am almost through the (1.33qt sz. "B") 206, but I have a half a gallon of 105 left. On application I used about 8-10 pumps of resin on the first application of the fiberglass to the hull and exactly 4 pumps of resin for each of the thin fill coats. I used West Systems yellow rollers for the thin fill coats, and I used some brown squeegees from the Wal-Mart auto dept for the first application coat (when I was putting the fiberglass on for the first time). I kept a bucket of acetone/lacquer thinner nearby and kept my squeegee very clean. We did all 3 CH17 LT's in about 4 hours.

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