Re: Trolling? You Bet!

Posted by gwalter on Nov 5, 2005

I use a system similar to addison's. I slip the mount under the coaming, after I put the spray skirt on. This helps it to sit tighter. I also found that it is important to wrap a loop of bungee around the base of the holder. When trolling and hooking into 2+ foot long saltwater fish, they hit hard and fast and can send the holder over the side if not secured well. When traveling, I aim the rod forward, when trolling, I set it about 30 degrees up off the horizontal, and 30 degrees forward. This way the rod and line don't get in the way of paddling. When casting or pulling in a fish, I just set the paddle horizontally in my lap (greenland paddle). The hardest part is figuring out where to put the stringer with the fish on it, as the big ones can interfere with the next fish! Good luck, and I'm envious as we are have a hard frost coming soon. Fishing is done for now up here (Massachusetts). gwalter

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