finally done!!

Posted by kurt freewald on Nov 11, 2005

Hello folks! Just wanted to announce the finishing and launching of my chesapeake 16. Actually I finished about ten days ago, but have been to busy paddling and wanted to have a picture to post. Ill get a pic up soon. the boats first time in the water (and my second time ever kayaking) was at North Lake, a backcountry lake in the high sierras. It was really incredible. the boat floats great and is a lot of fun! really pleased with the finished product. Mostly Im psyched about kayaking. Cant believe I never tried this sport before. Well I knew I liked it, but love it now that I have my own boat. Been out almost every day since finishing. And discovered night paddleing with a headlamp is the best. Its just so peaceful at night.. and the best sunrises ive seen have now been on the water. Well theres just somethin about being so close and feeling the boat on all that water... really calms the soul. Well thanks a lot everyone for all the help. And want to thank clc too. I dont think i could get myself to buy a prebuilt boat now. Its great clc is a company that brings so much enjoyment to people. And other than the paddling, my sights are set on the artic hawk. so you all will see me agian; and hopefully i'll have some good trip reports to share. Happy paddling, Kurt