Re: finally done!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 12, 2005

From one Kurt to another, I say: welcome to wild and wacky world of homemade kayaking! Your announcement has caused many of us to relive our own first launchings; and what wonderful memories they are.

I'm not only a paddler; I'm a long-time amateur astronomer too, so I can say a few words about nighttime operations. I don't know about anyone else, but I try to avoid artificial lights like the plague. When my eyes become properly dark adapted, I can see much more than just the narrow confines of a beam of photons emanating from a device that's probably teetering on the brink of battery exhaustion anyway. I don't carry a white light flashlight at night at all, but use a red LED for reading charts and tying fish hooks. The red light doesn't impact dark adaptation nearly so much.

Just a thought. You'll likely think it's nuts, but other astronomers are guaranteed to understand.

Cheers, Kurt Maurer

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