Epoxy Blues

Posted by Chris on Nov 14, 2005

I'm building my first Chesapeake 16 and having a hell of a time controlling the epoxy. I'm using West System with 206 hardener. I broke down the gluing steps as I found the instructions of doing the filleting/taping and cockpit glassing all at once to be a mean joke for us first time builders! My fillets turned out nice and the tape went on smooth but it seems I can't get the knack of applying the epoxy without runs/sags no matter how careful I am. Will the outside hull application be easier? I've also noticed that I have a few high spots on my cockpit glass even after I thought I had squeegeed(sp?)it smooth. Any suggestions from some veterans out there? I have loads of patience but will I ever get the hang of this and get a kayak I can be proud of?