Re: Epoxy Blues

Posted by terry on Nov 14, 2005

Squeegeeing is, in my most humble opinion, the best way to control excess epoxy that leads to runs. It's so effective at this, as well as reducing wasted epoxy, that I'm tempted to squeegee my income taxes this year to save money.

As for the few bumps in the cockpit, not sure what you mean. If they are small, I'd ignore them as a small monument to my abject laziness.

On the hull exterior, the first coat is the hardest, as you're trying to fill the weave, keep the glass straight, get all voids and spread the epoxy as thinly as possible. One thing I do is use very small batches - a few oz. at a time, to ensure that I'm working with epoxy that has not started to set up, which then makes effective squeeqing harder.

Nonetheless, glassing your first hull is a bit stressful. Take you time and do it the best you can. A scraper and sander will correct all your mistakes later on.

We've had very few suicides to date on this forum, but most have been first-time hull glassers.


In Response to: Epoxy Blues by Chris on Nov 14, 2005