Re: Kayak Storage Outdoor

Posted by Chuck on Nov 14, 2005

I would build a triangular ground tent just slightly longer and wider than your kayak. You can do this by making four identical Triangular Frames out of 2 x 4's. Space them out so that there is one at each end of a distance about one foot longer than your kayak. Place the others evenly spaced between the ends. Then connect them with a top ridge board running the full length of the kayak. Also add two base boards connecting the frames on each side. You can add more side boards if you want for extra stiffness and support.

Make the lower part of triangle base wide enough to slide the kayak in one end so that it rests on the top edge of the triangle base 2 x 4's but does not touch the two side frame boards. This will keep the kayak up off the ground. Then purchase one of those silver plastic tarps from Walmart etc. big enough to drape over the top frame ridge. Using two additional 16' 2x4's roll up any excess tarp around each board on each side and tuck the board under the base frame boards. This way you can get the "tent" stretched tightly over the frame. Slide the kayak in and secure the end tarp overlap with some bungees, line etc. The silver tarp will really help reflect heat, the tent will allow air to circulate but keep sun and rain off the yak and most importantly the tarps are inexpensive to replace when they finally get worn out from the sun and weather. Additional tips are: round off the edges of the top ridge boards and sides of the triangles to keep tarp abrasion to a minimum where it rests against the wood. Or you can staple strips of old carpet on top to pad the tarp from the wood. Of course you can just let your kayak rest upside down on some boards and throw a silver tarp over it but then you don't have as much air circulation to keep down mildew etc. plus it will get hotter under there.


In Response to: Kayak Storage Outdoors by Andre Emmenegger on Nov 13, 2005