Re: Epoxy Blues

Posted by John Foster on Nov 15, 2005

Hands wearing gloves. I used push pins to hold it in place for awhile. I as a first timer cut the hull mat down the keel line. Overlapped it on the other side. Cut the stress level considerably. I sqeegge`d the gass until darn near dry! Three coats altother. I have find that using a wood handle foam brush again to firmly brush the epoxy very thin. No runs!! Like clothes multiple thin layers bettr than one thick coat. The hull will prepare you for the 4 oz deck cloth. I found that a little harder. Yes, I did a lot of sanding until I found the foam brush techniue. I have found, anything I screwed up was fixed with sanding, scraping with a good chisel (the runs). And another thin coat of epox. Enjoy!!

In Response to: Re: Epoxy Blues by Greg Swarthout on Nov 14, 2005