Re: Epoxy Blues

Posted by terry on Nov 15, 2005

All good advice from the others, Chris. I like Greg's reminder to spend time smoothing the glass. I usually lay the glass over the boat the day before, fit it as best I can, then let it hang there over night. This seems to get most of the wrinkles out. Also, it's usually not preferable to lay the glass on straight (with weave square to the keel) but to put the cloth on at an angle. This helps the glass conform to the bow without cutting. You'll still have to cut at the stern and overlap it. Don't fuss with the stern too much, just get it wetted and stuck on as best you can. You can scrape it and clean it up the next day before you do the second fill coat of epoxy.

Some folks start the first fill coat in the middle of the boat. I start at the bow, get it right then work backwards to the stern. Seems to ensure the bow is smooth and tight and, as the cloth stretches from the squeegee pressure, it works the wrinkles back to and off the stern.

I may have neglected to ask if you have a carbide scraper. If you do, use it the day after each fill coat to remove all runs, bumps and sags. This will save you much work/grief late on, as it's difficult to sand out runs and bumps without sanding through the surrounding cloth and wood. Even cured epoxy runs can been scraped off if you're patient and peel away thin layers.

Good luck, and do look forward with excitement to your first launch day. It's a special day you'll never forget (at least until you get senile like me).


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