Re: Bulkheads

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 16, 2005

I believe John has it nailed. A chunk of minicell is just the thing for adding bulkheads after the fact, although an occasional builder uses 'em right from the start. Beats me why dat. Go ahead an get a piece though, and carve yourself a seat; you won't be disappointed.

Fred, you said "I'm new to building Kayaks....Started my Chesapeake 17 last night,was a little scary, since I have been a lab. tech. most of my life."

I reply: I admire you already! The prospect of building a boat is scary even for experienced woodworkers, and I can only imagine the courage it takes for a guy in a white lab coat. But you'll do fine, sir. Stick with the gang here, and you'll be the pride of the fleet in no time. Just remember, if Mac can do it, ANYBODY can do it.

Cheers, Kurt

ps: Hey Mac... OOOooof! heheheheh

In Response to: Re: Bulkheads by John Short on Nov 16, 2005