Re: Bulkh scary but fun!

Posted by James Eager on Nov 16, 2005

I built my first clc boat last winter. Yea it was a little scary. The kit parts were stacked neatly in my basement for about three months while I finished some other projects and read the manual over twice/thrice er' whatever. Every time I take the boat out at least one person gives me/it compliments. They ask its heavy and I tell em it weighs a lot less than their hunk o'plastic boat. The neighbors came over and said "is that thing to use?" its to look at...RIGHT...or "does it work?". I am starting my second boat as soon as the kit arrives. Follow the instructions and tips here and with patients you will be amazed at the results. Your neighbors will think you are a nut but I consider that a major plus.

In Response to: Re: Bulkheads by CLC on Nov 16, 2005