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Posted by Chuck on Nov 17, 2005

Another trick you can use, is to apply a strip of "Peel Ply" over the tape. This is a white dacron like cloth material. I am familiar with its use from doing composite epoxy work on sailplanes and hang gliders and I used it in the construction of my Chesapeake 17 for similar purposes. It comes in 1" - 4" wide rolls just like the glass tape.

What you do is after you have wet out your glass tape, roll out a strip of peel ply on top of it in a width that overlaps the tape by at least 1/2 inch on each side. Then use your squeegee to smooth and wetout the peel ply. You may have to add a little extra epoxy resin on the top of the tape and spread it out with the squeegee to ensure you have it wetted out. Make sure that the peel ply is wet out about 1/2" overlap on each side of the tape too. Once the epoxy has hardened you pry up one corner or edge of the peel ply and "peel" it off the glass tape. It will not permanently stick or bond to the glass. If you did it properly you will find that the peel ply holds down the edge of the glass tape and allows epoxy resin to fill the gap between the edge of the glass tape and feathers it out to the side.

Usually you will then have to take your scraper and scrape off a small amount or ridge of epoxy where the edge of the peel ply that was wetted out made contact with the hull or deck panels. This will be less of a job however, than having to scrape and sand the significant edge that will be left from the glass tape without it. Another advantage of the peel ply is that it will help fill the weave of the glass tape cloth too requiring less epoxy filler over it and/or sanding. It also absorbs the excess resin in the glass tape.

You can order "Peel Ply" from on line homebuilt aircraft parts and products outlets such as, "Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. at: "" ). They are also a good source for all types of composite materials, fillers, glass, S-glass and carbon and kevlar cloth etc. There is also another similar source called Wicks Aircraft Supply at:

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