Hey Fred

Posted by Gober on Nov 17, 2005

YOU CAN DOOOO IT! I built my boat from plans and after I bought all the supplies I was freaking out. I thought there is no way I can build this thing. I mean I spend my 8 hours a day in a data center working on servers. I had my fair share of screw ups on mine but they still turned out great. Take it one step at a time. Here is my list of screw ups. 1) Stood the cut panels on the concrete floor for 2 weeks (water "wicked" up the panels and caused a dark stain) 2) glued the bildge panles at the wrong angle.( I left them as is and it worked out fine) 3) Sanded WAY too much (I wasted a lot of time sanding)

Avoid these three things and you do better than I did!


In Response to: Re: Bulkh scary but fun! by James Eager on Nov 16, 2005