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Posted by Joey Schott on Nov 17, 2005

I read your post twice to make sure I understood what you are trying to accomplish. My first concern would be that it would not handle your possible load. From the pictures, the Eider seems to have more waterline length and carries more beam towards the ends giving it the volume needed to carry two people. The other potential problem I see is that when you stretch the beam you will have to extend the sheer measurement to prevent the hull from bowing up at the ends. I have a little experience with modifications. I narrowed and lowered the sheer on the ch17. It was a calculated risk when the saw met the wood, but it worked out well. I was not sure it would work until the hull was wired. There were a lot of calculations made to ensure the hull would take the intended shape. It could have gone the other way easily, a.k.a Viking funeral. The first risk you have is safety. My risk was lessened by the fact that I am the only paddler in the boat to worry about and I would have turned it into a yard ornament if it wasn't safe. Your second risk is the investment. If your changes don't work, you have spent way more than the plans would have cost. I am a loyal customer and fan of CLC, but if the Eider fits your needs then the $85 for the plans is cheap considering what it will cost if things go wrong. The MC 16 is a great boat. I am toying with the idea of selling our double and building one for my family. With two good paddlers the MC can be pretty quick. I demo'd on with a friend of mine and was surprized how well it handled. Hope this helps, and it'll be interesting to see what some of the responses are.-Joey

Photos from "Schott Skunkworks"

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