Re: "Filling the weave"

Posted by LeeG on Nov 18, 2005

It would help to have a guideline as to where to apply extra coats of epoxy where sanding takes the fill coats down the the glass inviting repeats of the coat/sand/coat/sand/coat mania. I've added smidge quantities of cabosil to thicken the fill coats but it still requires sanding. There's nothing wrong with a little thicker fill coat on the bottom as it does provide abrasion resistance but it's on the interior where more fill coats keep the wood from getting the black ick in closed compartments . If you intend on painting it makes sense to make a more sandable/tinted final coat than rely on a sandable primer coat. So instead of three fill coats sanded, one primer coat sanded, you put down two fill coats,sanded, one sandable fill coat, then paint. Sandable epoxy is still tougher than primer.

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