cutting tape

Posted by LeeG on Nov 18, 2005

True,,6oz cloth with sticky fingers will come apart just by moving it around.

But what if you built a Chesapeake with 6oz cloth covering the interior bottom panels overlapping the chines about 1" above the chine fillets. Imagine this: Run blue tape 3/4" above chines. Glass onto the masking tape. Leave 18" section in the ends for a diagonal/triangular piece so flat piece of cloth can be used for compartments without wrinking. When partially cured pull tape while cutting glass. The side panels in the original Chesapeaks didn't have glass,only the bottom panel where flexing can open the grain. For 80% of the folks paddling around they don't need glassed side panels. No glass tape,,no problem with selvaged edges, glassed compartments where bottom panels still get stress gently touching rocks at the shores edge.

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