Re: Steaming Out a Dent

Posted by Mac on Nov 19, 2005

Know what - it worked a treat! And it was an old dent!

Know what else? This damage had been caused when a heavy tool was dropped on the box that the kit was shipped in. When we pulled the shrinkwrap and cardboard away from the hole we saw the damage and assumed that one of the long side or bottom or (gasp) deck pannels had been hit.

After getting afirmation here, and testing the technique on a scrap piece of okoume which I suitably mutilated with a crowbar, I opened the carton more to make room for the hot iron and, low and behold, the damaged piece was revealed in its entirety - a bulkhead.

No, Mark, I don't still owe you a silly!

Anyway it was good practice (and I did do the bulkhead anyway). Add this to bag of tricks.

Thank's again all


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