Re: no, it won't

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 20, 2005

Good point.

In fact, it might be worse than useless to use excess epoxy "hardener". If you use more hardener (a somewhat toxic, and fairly allergenic material) than the manufacturer calls for, what happens to it? Since the excess cannot react with resin (forming wonderfully strong, insoluble, unreactive, non-toxic, non-allergenic cured epoxy), I guess it remains unreacted in the bulk material, migrating out to your skin, the water, the air, whatever, over time.

Does not sound quite as healthy as following manufacturer's directions, which results in all the slightly harmful resin and all the even more harmful "hardener" turning into a perfectly safe material called "epoxy".

Am I missing anything?

In Response to: no, it won't by Charlie Jones on Nov 20, 2005