Re: Dust & Varnish

Posted by George K on Nov 21, 2005


Seems like your dust problem is from above and not from the garage floor which you have cleaned/mopped. Before I varnish I open the double doors on the end of my shop and, starting at the other end, I use the exhaust side of my shop vac to blow everything off the walls, ceiling, shop lights, etc. out the doors. I do this once each evening for at least three evenings, or until I don't see a big cloud of dust going out the door. A buddy of mine varnished his boat in his garage and resorted to the plastic tent as stuff kept falling off his ceiling. That worked, too. Just make sure you have plenty of ventilation.

George "I don't have no dust on my finish" K

In Response to: Dust & Varnish by Chuck on Nov 21, 2005