Scarf Alignment on Jimmy

Posted by John Pattenden on Dec 4, 2005

I have just started putting together a Jimmy Skiff kit and ifI follow the plans there is a 3/8 gap on one edge of the side panels, is this to be expected? If I align the side panels so the joint is all flush I am a full 3/4 of an inch out on the plans measurments..

I ended up epoxying them according to plan not appearance, and they look perfect from a "lines" standpoint - but there is that large V in the scarf. I am now getting ready to glue the bottom panels together and it looks like the same story. I am a bit surprised by this considering they are computer cut - so I am hoping Iam not doing something bone headed. Isit common for the scarfs to not align very well? or am I out to lunch reading the plan?

any input or experience with this would be great..