padlers weight

Posted by Moe on Dec 6, 2005

When i desided i wanted to build a kajakk i landed on the CH series. I'm 1,92m (1,90 at the time) and am still growing so i think i rightly chose the plans for the CH-18. However i weigh only 75kg in the leaflett it sais that the CH-18 is designed to be used by people weighing from 210-270lbs (95-122kg). And when i paddle she feels a bit light so i was thinking of taking a long a sand bag or two for company. Now my qestion is what do you think about it and where and how should i place the balast(if possible i want to be able to chuck it if i need the ekstra lift). if possible i want to be able to avoide using meatle balast beacuse i cant regulate it and beacuse it's so hard, might easly damage stuff.