Posted by terry on Dec 7, 2005

Mac and Bob are dead-on with the need to scrape the runs and bumps down flush with the surrounding glass. Mac mentioned a carbide scraper. Almost all home centers and good hardware stores have these for $15-20. They are well worth it for working with epoxy, which can quickly dull regular steel scrapers.

Even if the epoxy has cured, you can still scrape away runs, you just have to press harder and be patient as you peel away very thin layers of each run.

Now, you may ask, why not just let it all cure and sand the hell out of it? Well, unless you're very deft with a random orbital sander, as you attempt to sand out a run/bump, you'll likely sand through the surrounding epoxy and into the wood before you remove the run. This situation leads to considerable aggravation and colorful language, but can usually be repaired by just brushing on some more epoxy on the bare spot.

On your next boat, or on the deck of the one your now building, you may want to invest in a set of cabinet scrapers (about $10, but not easy to find at home centers - try CLC or These thin, wide scrapers are the secret weapon of all builders who hate to do a lot of sanding, are easy to sharpen and use, and work well on curved surfaces.

Good luck


In Response to: NO SANDING!!!!! by Robert N Pruden on Dec 7, 2005