Re: padlers weight

Posted by Moe on Dec 8, 2005

reasons for doing what i did: 1. the CH18 was the one recomended for me by west systems. 2. i was not about to start planning to go expermenting with my first project of this kind. 3. I'm still growing 4. I'm at the moment rather skinny

The yak is built and shes good but i want her to stick deeper before i take her on bigger trips.

if you dont aprove of ballast then just rename it baggage. in order to make my kayak stick deeper i took along two baggedg units containing watter.

Besides i'd say ballast gives you enchanced controll over you're kajakk. ballast will give a stable weight even when loded with baggedg. if i take along 25 kg og ballast thats 3,5 times the weight i carry when hicking

and also i need to do somthing in the winter. my current pyroteknical projekt will be finished sometime around christmass.

however if you've got 10.000 krones and want to give me a kitt i'll be happy to accept it as a christmas pressent.

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