Re: padlers weight

Posted by Howard on Dec 9, 2005

if its built...that's another story.

fwiw...the 18 in my view is for really tall AND heavy people. Folks that are skinny to normal weight but who happen to be long...will often need to move bulkheads or foot pegs as their solution for boats within their weight range.

the point i am making is that you should be inside the weight parameters for the craft when it is just you and for any load you should expect to carry. unless you are already committed to a boat by reason of already owning it or having built it, you should not go in day one thinking about balast.

that being said, i agree 100%...a boat that is not sitting on her lines becuase she is loaded lighter than her design load, typically would not handle well...and may required balast to get it to work properly.

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