Re: Outside Storage

Posted by David on Dec 9, 2005

Good point about condensation.

Total shade is a must. The boats have several coats of Z-Spar varnish (no paint).

Im in Va Beach. It dosen't stay below freezing for very long. Maybe just overnight. Snow usually dosen't last but a couple days and it only snows a couple times a year (approx 3")

I want to leave the hatches off just as I normally store them (to keep the gasket in good shape).

I have considered wrapping them with tarps and bungies and just build stands to keep them off the ground. I've even considered buying that industrial shrink wrap (like used in shipping) and wrapping the boats for the season (I still would use tarps for UV protection)

Yes they are pretty tough. My 18 fell (flew) off the truck on the interstate and only had a few scraches. The fix was just some sanding and more epoxy and varnish.

Thanks for the input.

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