Re: Responce to Terry

Posted by terry on Dec 9, 2005

To belabor this already belabored thread, I don't use block planes much on boats that have epoxy anywhere near the surface to be planed. It's just too easy to nick the carefully honed iron with the hard epoxy. And the only thing in boat building I hate worse than sanding is resharpening a nicked plane iron. And that's the plane truth!

For most planing during construction, I use a couple fo the Stanley Surform planes (or rasps, as some might call them). The one with the plastic handle and 2" curved blade is the handiest. About $5, and I usually by some spare blades. I use these even for the shear clamp planing (though the way I now build clamps requires less planing anyway). A blade may last for one boat build, and the little tool is great for whacking off bumps and rounding corners. I even save the dull blades and use them to whack off the stitch wire nubs.

I haven't tried doing my nails with it yet. Next time I get a personal grooming urge (rarely, according to my wife) I'll try it.

Ho Ho Ho, we're gettin' some snow this morning


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