Re: Responce to Terry

Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 9, 2005

Thanks, Terry.

A beautiful snow here in Loveland, OH, as well.

I'll blabber on even more since there are only 3 people left reading this thread anyway.

To use the block plane near epoxy, you first have to be the sort of nut who actually ENJOYS sharpening plane irons occasionally. That would be me.

For me, epoxy just dulls a plane iron but never nicks it, but I'm sure it can happen. If it starts happening, then I will quit using the plane, for sure.

Unlike removing nicks, sharpening and honing takes only a little time, and is for me a quiet, relaxing process using serviceable tools that last forever, look good, and feel good in use. (What, me? Old-fashioned??)

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