Fairing the Hull

Posted by Susan Williams on Dec 9, 2005

Hello, I am building the PAX 20. We took great care in stitching the hull together, so much so that when we turned the boat over, there are no humps or hollows along the keel line. We've studied and studied the boat and the keel line is straight and smooth. My question is, do we need to put the wedges in the keel line? The instructions (page 23 of PAX instructions) say that the wedges (and the epoxy that is then put between the wedges) will hold the boat's shape as we proceed to the interior filleting, but do I need the wedges and the epoxy to hold the boat's shape, or will the fact that the wires are tight and the keel line is straignt because of the wire tighness be enough? Will the next step, fitting the bulkheads push the boat out of alignment without having these epoxy tabs in there? Thank you for your help and I appreciate your time in answering my question. Susan