Pax 20 bulkheads

Posted by Kathy Kenley on Dec 9, 2005

It appears that there needs to be quite a bit of "trimming" to get the bulkheads to fit. Specifically, the forward bulkhead with the drain plug has sides about 1/2" longer than the sides of the boat, necessitating trimming the outer bottom edges in order to get a reasonable fit, otherwise the 'chine' edge of the bulkhead would be 1/2" down from the chine itself. Has anyone else had this much of an offset to trim?

Also, it appears that there is anywhere from 1/2" to 1" space between the bottom of the bulkheads and the keel. Should we try to fill up most of that space with fillet material?

How much trimming did most of you have to do with the bulkheads on a PAX? With everything else so far fitting very well, it just seems that the bulkheads should have a better initial fit.