Posted by LeeG on Dec 10, 2005

those wedges are from a box of hundreds of cast off sheer clamp scarfs. It looks like a useful application for them but it's a misguided technique to make the keeline fair.

If introducing gaps in the keeline was necessary to make the bottom "fair" it would imply the panels could be any configuration rendering the CNC accuracy to oblivion.

The keeline and chine edges ARE correct,,everything from there is cut to fit. The bulkheads as well.

The flat spots are more noticable in the wider bottom paneled Chesapeakes and can be removed by loosening wires and applying weight on the suspended hull. It's less of an issue in the narrower hulls.

Introducing gaps in the keeline requiring filling/fairing as a matter of course is an unnecessary increase in work. The stitched up Cheseapeake hull will naturally develop a flat spot IF you do not correct for it prior to gluing.

In Response to: Fairing the Hull by Susan Williams on Dec 9, 2005


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