Re: Outside Storage

Posted by J. Schott on Dec 10, 2005

I also live in Va. and had to store my boats outdoors last winter. We were transferred back here in Dec. and I had no garage for a couple of months. I put them on padded saw horses (in my parents back yard) top down. I loosened the hatch straps to preserve the seals and allow for airflow. I then covered them with a pair of tarps that were draped and weighted, not wrapped. They stayed nice and dry with no ill effects. I really like the idea of the hoop house, cheap and easy to take down when not in use. There seems to be a few tidewater area owners/builders. We need to get together and do some paddling in the spring! Good luck with your project-Joey

In Response to: Re: Outside Storage by Chris R on Dec 10, 2005