Re: as I said before :(

Posted by Mac on Dec 12, 2005


Where and how do you plan to store your boat when not in use? With my limited experience, I lean towards a good, easily repaired and refinishable varnish like Captain's amd Epifanes. If your craft isn't baking in the sun all the time, these finishes should last 4 years or so. You'll be itching to recoat at that point anyway to fix all the dings and scuffs you'll accumulate as a matter of course.

I don't know anything about Bristol, and maybe it's great, but I'll stick with products that have stood the test of time, and test new stuff on my garden furniture for now.

(And I'm actually a Liberal! - just cautious.)

I've been through your site, and you're doing a great job!

And, you're enjoying yourselves. That's what it's really all about.

Oh, and traditional varnishes smell wonderful - use good ventilation however.

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