Re: White blobs on my ROS

Posted by Tony Robb on Dec 12, 2005

Expect to use a lot of pads, I left my hull for a month before sanding (tropical holidays are great), but still went thru over 20 pads. I was very careful to change to fresh pads as soon as I felt the need to add lots of pressure to maintain sanding effectiveness. To my chagrin I quickly discovered that too much pressure usually results in sanding into/thru glass.

Something I found, which may be obvious to everyone else, is that my sander was more effective when run at lower speeds (i ran mine at about 2/3 full speed). I assume that is because at lower speeds there is less friction and therefore less heat buildup.

Good luck with the rest of your project, despite all the negative comments about sanding, I really enjoyed it. It's very rewarding to finish a days work with a smooth hull.

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