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Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 13, 2005

Sounds logical to me, Lee. In fact, whatever I read may have only been warning against the stronger household organic solvents like denatured ethanol, mineral spirits, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, (carb cleaner!) etc.

So vinegar may just fine, as we have all been told many times on this forum. Vinegar, being mostly water, surely couldn't penetrate skin like the more polar solvents above, could it?

Also in support of your theory: the active ingredient in hardener is various diamines (which are mild alkalis). Vinegar (5% acetic acid) is a mild acid. Acids neutralize alkalis. So to a novice like me, your statement sounds possible, though I've never seen your theory about 'why vinegar' suggested before in my random googlings about epoxy safety.

Getting back to the real world, I use vinegar when it's handy, but I prefer the orange goop because vinegar doesn't seem to get all the stuff off. Inexplicably, it seems to get all the resin (which you would think might be a mild acid, right??) , but if I get hardener on my skin, vinegar leaves a sticky feeling.

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