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Posted by CLC on Dec 15, 2005

I started wearing a mask (and hearing protection) whenever I sanded when I was 14 or 15 years old, one of the few responsible things I did at that age. Still, I have a noticeable sensitivity to wood dust just from living in boatshops for 20 years.

I DEFINITELY have a mild allergy to epoxy dust. I get throat-cold symptoms and if I persist it turns into a nasty cold, indeed.

I think the dust of epoxy that is completely cured (epoxy is food safe, remember) is Not Quite As Bad. But let's all confess: invariably we start sanding before the epoxy is fully cured. (It takes weeks even in perfect conditions.) Having little fragments of slowly curing epoxy in your lungs must be Very Bad, though I'll leave it to the chemists to assess Just How Bad.

Common sense: avoid breathing a lot of dust.

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