Epoxy dust is very bad

Posted by LeeG on Dec 16, 2005

there must be a medical specialist who can weigh in on this.

I don't doubt that wood dust with sharp fibers is a problem but it seems to me that if a person has a sensitivity to some materials because of their chemical makeup and not just their microstructure that cured epoxy may not be benign for those who are already sensitized. And that reducing aerosolized epoxy dust should be as important as barriers for wet epoxy given that one can't reduce eye exposure to dust as easily as hands can be from liquid epoxy.

If a person does a great job keeping uncured and wet epoxy off their body but aren't able to keep the vapors from their eyes in a closed garage why not ensure that FURTHER exposure to "cured" epoxy is reduced to a minimum? Since one doesn't really know how they will react until the reaction occurs it would make sense to reduce the volume of epoxy dust that can even get to your eyes by removing it at the source with a shop vac connected to the sander. It took my ears about four years to become sensitized to the Chesapeake Bay,,after a few ear infections sensitization to waterborne irritants developed in 6hrs. Not that I got an ear infection in 6hrs but that in some water conditions my ear canal/eardrum would get irritated and provide the environment for infection. So if a person isn't sensitized to epoxy from occasional contact with wet epoxy,,great,,if they have some reaction it would make no sense to increase exposure with clouds of cured epoxy dust relying soley on the ROS collection bag where dust still collects on arms and clothes. The shop vac will remove substantially more from the workarea.

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